Dragon Lamp

Dragon Lamp is a unique piece which combines incredible presence and organic, unrepeatable form with artistry, craftsmanship and use of reclaimed metal.

This is a statement work created by an artist as a result of exploration of mythical, dynamic and fantasy worlds.


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Jurassic Throne

The ultimate statement piece, Jurassic Throne is hand crafted from industrial salvage and represents an industrial take on an armchair combined with organic design.

This extraordinary, raw metal piece is lightened up in its full and rich, industrial form, by warm, rust and plum-themed colours.

This is a unique item, perfect for the grandest home, the most daring bar or the most eclectic reception lounge.

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Nucleus Throne

Nucleus Throne is a truly exceptional work of art, with its organic shape hand crafted from industrial salvage.

Hand crafted from reclaimed metal and velvet, the perfect focal point for public spaces, or a magical pièce de résistance for the most eclectic of interiors.

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Clockwork Throne

Clockwork Throne is an incredible, mechanical piece, which belongs to the Maddox Quirke industrial range.

Created out of reclaimed metal, this eclectic piece is astoundingly ornamental; it incorporates many gear-related, as well as swirly details, which play with light in a subtle way.

This majestic statement piece brings industrial, yet lively mood to your interior, while being a real standout in its playful form.

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Chain Bench

Chain bench is an intriguing piece, which belongs to a mechanical, industrialized world.

Its raw base made out of reclaimed metal chain is broken down by a velvet cushion which brings subtle, comforting, purple tones to this extravagant, boutique item.

This easily adaptable bench, works incredibly well as a part of industrial chic furnishings, or on its own- as an interior’s stand out feature.

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Dean Ford – Busker (Barcelona)

Dimensions – 420mm x 594mm

Strictly limited edition of just 10. Photographic print in black frame.

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Gear Table

This stunning table is beautifully crafted from industrial salvage.

Built on a steel frame comprising gear wheels and shafts, the table features a solid wooden top providing an interesting juxtaposition against the metalwork.

Gear Table incorporates elements of steampunk and minimalist design in a way that can be adapted to any space; it brings unique style and tone to any home, or commercial space including bars, clubs, reception areas.


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