Born to be a star

Maddox Quirke – In the beginning

Maddox Quirke is a baby; it was born in January 2016 out of love for rare and unique items; predominantly luxury home furnishings. The idea was ignited by the discovery of different materials and techniques that are not widely used in the furniture/decor industry. These findings led us to the realisation that there is a void in the market for unique, bespoke, organic, raw, amazing objects and creations, rather than just what we’ve learned to call ‘furniture’ and ‘home accessories’.

Having all this in mind, we have decided to establish a company which will enable our clients to explore different materials, techniques and styles, while supplying rare, or unique pieces, that give interiors an extraordinary look and feel.

Rare and unique items

Maddox Quirke is a startup; we are constantly evolving and growing; we are always on the lookout for new ideas, artists, craftsmen and companies that we can invite to collaborate with us. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas, or projects in mind, if you are an artist, or simply if you want to chat about anything that we do (or could do).

We are busy working on our first furnishings and decor collections; which will include only one-off items in variety of styles. Each piece tells a unique story which is personal to the artist and/or craftsmen creating it.

We are also busy spreading the word about who we are, and how we position ourselves on the market. We are very excited about what we have to offer; especially that there is so much more to come! Get to know us better by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Our Plans

So… we are a baby, but who do we want to be when we grow up? We want to expand our portfolio and enable great artists to become a part of something big and meaningful. Our aim is to enhance people’s lives by enhancing their interiors, and proving how extraordinary and incredible they can be.

At the same time we want to enable craftsmen, artists and companies who create real gems – rare and unique items, to come out and shine in the interior and decor world.

We care about the environment and support ‘No Sweat’ philosophy; we believe that these values are fundamental to a REAL success in today’s world. Because of this, one of our goals is to set up a charity, which will also ‘embrace rare’ by helping people with rare illnesses, and helping to save rare, or close to extinction wildlife.

Watch this space!